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This enticing recipe is one to try out when the evenings start to draw in and the summer sun is a distant memory! Courtesy of guest blogger Lianne Chalmers (Double Whammy - Diabetes and Coeliac Facebook group).

inSpiral recipe: Mulberry butterscotch with pecan frozen dessert

As part of our ongoing collaborations with inSpiral, we have come together to bring you this wonderful recipe so you can recreate their award nominated desserts in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy!

Orange and Blackberry Almond Pudding

This pudding is a great store cupboard stand by and is also very quick and easy to make especially if you have the oranges ready prepared.  I cook and blend the oranges in advance and freeze them so that they can be removed, defrosted in a microwave and simply added to the rest of the ingredients. The cake part is adapted from a Nigella favourite and as it is dairy free and gluten free it is perfect when catering for both of these dietary intolerances.

Cherry and Vanilla Scones

One of the ingredients in traditional scone recipes is buttermilk, which is off limits to dairy free diets. I’ve used a non-dairy yogurt instead and buying the vanilla flavoured variety adds extra flavour to this sweet cherry version of an old favourite. It also makes up for omitting the egg that would normally be included and means these are also suitable for vegans. If soya free is required you can use hemp or almond milk instead of the yogurt. Gluten free flour is readily available from supermarkets and health food stores as is gluten free baking powder. These are full of naturally coloured cherries, which are darker than the traditional highly coloured bright red ones.

Using gluten free flour and ready mixed gluten free muesli, this recipe is an easy way of turning an old favourite into a dessert that is suitable for almost all. It is very quick to prepare and easy to bake. You can replace the gluten free flour and muesli mix with standard types if not required. Of course butter can be substitued for normal margarine instead of Pure if you don't need to avoid dairy products. This recipe is ideal for family lunches or dinners and for any meals where awkward and non-awkward eaters are present. It is one that everyone will enjoy and most will even think it an improvement on the traditional recipe...

Boozy Beef Pots | Awkward Eaters

Beef cooked in beer has always been a firm favourite amongst meat eaters in the awkward eaters’ household. With the ready availability of wheat and gluten free ale, it makes an easily prepared dish that can be left to cook slowly whilst you get on with other things.  For anyone without a gluten intolerance themselves (or in the household) keeping a bottle of GF ale handy together with store cupboard standby’s like GF flour and GF gravy stock will make you very popular if GF family or friends drop by for a meal.

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