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New options on the Awkward Eaters menu

Awkward Eaters is on a mission – to source great food establishments up and down the country that will adapt or create menus to suit a range of restricted diets, food intolerances and food allergies.


Valuable advice from the Food Standards Agency

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) today issued valuable advice for when eating out to anyone with food allergies. Almost three quarters of allergic reactions to food happen when people eat out. Following their simple guidelines will help to keep allergy sufferers safe: Firstly, let the person taking your restaurant booking know about your food allergy or intolerance. Ask them to check with the chef if they can provide you with a meal that doesn’t contain the food or ingredient you react to. Secondly, make sure the waiting staffs know about your allergy or intolerance and how serious it is. is live!

After much work and preparation is now live and we hope you are as excited as we are. What can you expect from us in 2013? Why…

Where are you eating tonight?

The search function has been created to allow users to find places to eat that will cater for their food intolerance or special dietary requirement. How do I use it?

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