was launched in 2012 by Gilly (a cow's milk intolerant and vegetarian nutrition specialist) and Laurie (a health conscious foodie with an entrepreneurial yen to move into a web based venture). The concept was born from personal dietary requirements as well as from the difficulties experienced by close friends with food allergies to fish and peanuts. One other friend was also gluten intolerant and another had recently moved to an entirely raw food diet. Gilly had long envisaged using her dietetic background to help others combat their own "dietary demons" by providing ways of improving their culinary experience - especially when eating out. Laurie loves nothing better than preparing and eating meals that combine healthy options with flair and great flavour.

Together the pair created A website to bring hope and help to awkward eaters everywhere who have struggled with food allergies, food intolerance, coeliac disease and a host of other food and diet related restrictions. We aim to enable the special diet community to safely experience more freedom and greater choice when dining in and out.

At the quality of service and product provided by an establishment is as important to us as the need for them to cater for your special diet at all. We have therefore not looked to create a long list of chain restaurants, but rather a community platform where only the high quality local establishments remain. Through reliable content, peer reviewed information and well informed product review we intend to make dining out a less difficult experience. So if you're an 'awkward eater' - we're here and we're ready to help you to bite back at your “dietary demons”.