A coeliac in Bath

Amy Harrison trained as a Life Coach and now offers gluten free coaching to help those that are newly diagnosed with Coeliac Disease get their head around living with a gluten free diet. Amy offers help and advice on understanding what gluten is and what food it is found in, how to deal with family and friends, how to read labels, keeping safe from cross name but a few! As well as practical tips and advice Amy offers one-on-one personalised help and is someone you can talk to that understands the challenges of adapting to life on a gluten free diet.

Off the shelf deals of the week

In a new series of blogs we will be bringing you the best off the supermarket shelf food allergy and intolerance friendly deals of the week! We've searched the internet so you don't have to. Email your best gluten free, dairy free, milk free, vegan and vegetarian finds to Free From Tiger Rolls from Tesco 4 White rolls made with tapioca starch, rice flour and potato starch, topped with tiger paste. Not currently available on the website, but they are in store.

Guest Blog: Double Whammy - Diabetes and Coeliac

According to Coeliac UK, Coeliac Disease is more common in people with Type 1 Diabetes. Between 2% and 10% of those with Coeliac DIsease also have Diabetes. Guest blogger Lianne Chalmers describes this as a 'Double Whammy' and has started to explore some of the additional considerations that affect her personal and family life on her recently created Facebook Group Double Whammy - Diabetes & Coeliac. More facts and helpful info can also be found at Coeliac UK's site (

Awkward Eating on a budget

When dietary demons strike and food choices are limited, weekly food spending often rises. A quick scan down the Free From aisle in any supermarket reveals the price hike that has to be borne when buying ready-made versions of specialty breads, soups, cakes, biscuits and desserts.  Even the basics are more expensive – check out flours and margarines or replacements for egg, milk chocolate and dairy foods.

Field report: inSpiral 'Visionary Raw' Frozen Desserts

inSpiral's flagship eatery, The inSpiral Lounge, is located in the heart of the Camden Lock area of London and is a welcome haven for the awkward eater. In the first of a series of field reports, members of the team were invited to sample and review their award nominated 'Visionary Raw' dessert range which is currently vying for 'Best Raw Product' at VegFestUK.

10 simple steps to make an awkward eater's day

Eating out is an important part of our lives and we spend large amounts of our hard earned cash paying others to provide good food in pleasant surroundings. Awkward eaters everywhere are looking for restaurants, cafes and bars where we can enjoy a meal and only eat foods that are on our ‘can only eat’ or ‘will only eat’ lists. So, for food providers looking to spread more happiness in this world here is our wish list of the top 10 things that will bring a smile to the face of any awkward eater:

Going Gluten Free in Harrow

Harrow Coeliac Group held its AGM recently. As a professional member of Coeliac UK* and because Harrow is my local group, I was invited to go along. I looked forward to meeting the other members and finding out if belonging to a group such as this makes being gluten free a less than harrowing experience...

Bread and Butter Puddings - Free From and Easy

A family favourite that always reminds me of childhood Sunday lunches is bread and butter pudding. In my pre awkward eater life lots of butter, cream and Panettone contributed to a luxury version of my standard recipe, but these days I usually stick to sweetened soya milk and fruit breads. It is so simple to make, great for using up left over bread and very versatile - you can easily ring the changes by adding marmalade, chopped apricots, nuts, grated chocolate and by using different breads.

Living with Coeliac disease in Canada

A recently published survey* in the Journal of Human Nutrition caught my eye. It is an account of a large survey that highlights a Canadian perspective on life with coeliac disease and a gluten free diet. A questionnaire was sent to all members of the two Canadian coeliac societies and the results detail the difficulties experienced, the strategies used and the emotional impact of following a gluten free diet. It quantifies these before highlighting the need to improve the training and education of health professionals and the food service industry.

Disordered eater or awkward eater?

A recent Daily Mail article* quotes American Psychologist Dr Mark Borigini who claims that following a gluten free diet is often used as “another channel for a bigger problem - like an eating disorder”. Last year singer Miley Cyrus hit the headlines when she used Twitter to counter suggestions of anorexia. Her gluten free diet and weight loss had been targeted as possible cover ups for an underlying eating disorder.


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