Product review: Fish Free Fish Style ‘Fish’ Fingers

Fish finger sandwiches have found their way onto many a gastro-pub menu in recent years and remain staple fare on children’s menu cards everywhere. For those for whom seafood is off limits, what alternatives to the loved fish fingers are there?

Taking the biscuit

My particular “dietary demons” lead me to avoid dairy foods, but I love to indulge in tea and biscuits. I want to be able to buy quality biscuits and yet as an awkward eater it can be tricky. Biscuits generally contain wheat and gluten, many contain Soya or eggs, and really nice biscuits almost always contain butter. In fact, the presence of butter or indeed that they are made using ‘all butter’ is often a major selling point.

Dear Mr Costa...

Dear Mr. or Mrs. (or Ms.) Costa, I'm sorely missing the Costa Gluten Free Christmas Cake (see image) that helped sustain me through the long afternoons of December and the first weeks of January. I came across them by accident since they aren’t labeled dairy free - although their being free of gluten is very clear (see image). There's no mention of Soya in the ingredients or allergens list either, which would be helpful for those with multiple awkward eater avoidances.

Terminal Blues

Heathrow’s Terminal 3 was my venue recently for a coffee as I met a friend for a quick catch up before waving her goodbye on her way back to New Zealand. As is often the case, I struggled to find a dairy free cake to go with my coffee. If you are there to say ‘Bon Voyage’ chances are neither of you will want to hang around for long, especially with the cost of short term parking fees. Wondering what would be available for visitors to Heathrow I took the opportunity to do a bit of further research on behalf of awkward eaters.

Coming out of the allergy closet...

I found out the other day that a close colleague with whom I share a small office is allergic to nuts. A discussion about led to these revelations and I was stunned to find this out after having worked with her for almost three years. She had never so much as mentioned it before or made any reference to having to be careful about what she eats. 

Sorbet or fruit platter?

I’m sure there’ll be many an awkward eater who will recognise that moment when the dessert menu arrives...and your heart sinks. You just know that the chances of it including anything you can safely eat and really fancy are...well remote. You ask the waiter (hopeful voice) “Is there anything that doesn’t contain dairy/gluten/animal products etc?” already hearing the reply in your head... “You could have the sorbet or chef says (s)he can make you up a fruit platter...”

Boozy Beef Pots

I’ve just added a meaty dish to the recipe section that should please all but the vegetarians and non-beefeaters amongst visitors to this site.  Despite the beef and vegetables being cooked in good old-fashioned ale, it is also gluten free (all standard beers contain gluten unless it states otherwise on the label).

Linda McCartney Fish Free King Prawns

If you’re a proper veggie and shun seafood as well as meat (or if you have a fish or shellfish allergy) the chances are that you will at some time or other have longed for someone to invent a fish substitute. If you have stopped eating seafood, do you still miss shellfish with its unique texture and flavour combos? Have you ever looked for fish free meal ideas for when those around you are talking about succulent pieces of deep fried cod or baked salmon steaks that they’ve eaten the night before?


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