Amy Harrison trained as a Life Coach and now offers gluten free coaching to help those that are newly diagnosed with Coeliac Disease get their head around living with a gluten free diet. Amy offers help and advice on understanding what gluten is and what food it is found in, how to deal with family and friends, how to read labels, keeping safe from cross name but a few! As well as practical tips and advice Amy offers one-on-one personalised help and is someone you can talk to that understands the challenges of adapting to life on a gluten free diet.

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My name is Amy and I run Bath Complementary Therapy. I am a Coeliac and have two children with food allergies, so truly understand how hard it can be to eat out and even eat in when you have a limited diet.

As my business suggests I live in Bath and have found it a wonderful city to enjoy gluten free food. When I was first diagnosed at sixteen it was shocking how many places did not even know what gluten was, how even a chef could not know amazed me! In 2015 it is a different story and I have enjoyed eating in many different towns. I have found Bath to be one of the best for its understanding of Coeliac disease and allergies as well as providing tasty alternatives, so I have never had to feel left out. I must particularly recommend the gluten free pancakes at The Pancake House, Centre Parcs - they score highly on my must visit places too!

Bath have all the usual chain restaurants that are now good at catering for people with Coeliac disease, such as TGI Fridays, ASK, Pizza Express, etc. If you were visiting Bath just for the day though I would recommend either the gluten free afternoon tea at The Pump Rooms (the Roman Baths), just make sure you phone ahead. Lunch at La Perla, a gorgeous tapas restaurant, is also a great choice or dinner at Hudson Steak House. If you have the time, why not try all three!

If you need any more tips on eating out in Bath do not hesitate to get in contact!

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